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Between now and Valentine's Day, Lois's old paperbacks will be available for $3 a piece! Click here for a list of available titles. Email Lois at to order now!

Hearth Stone

Available February 24, 2015

Book 1 of the Home in the Hills series.
Buffalo Knees

Now Available! at Amazon

Illustrated by Christine Karron and written by Lois Greiman, this lovely rhyming book for children teaches the importance of caring for the planet from a biblical perspective.
Finally Home

Now Available! Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Wild horses, wild hearts -- and a diapered lamb under the Christmas tree . . .
Could life get any more hectic at the Lazy Windmill? With the holidays reminding Casie of every mistake she's ever made, and her assistant Emily struggling to be a single mom, it's anyone's guess what the New Year will bring. Then bad boy Colt Dickenson shows up with a ring. No one has ever gotten under her skin like he has, but Casie can't believe a rough stock cowboy will stick around for the long haul. -- Still, the heart wants what it wants; love is as stubborn as family, foals, and farm equipment. And sometimes you have to face your fears to find the happiness only coming home can bring.

Mixing Magic cover

Now Available! Amazon, Barnes & Noble, hard copy

The first book co-written by Lois and her daughter, Tara Daun.

Set in Minnesota, Mixing Magic explores dark pasts, coming of age, and turning into something magical. Gentian Baker has no memory of the first twenty years of her life, but as her life for her and her daughter starts to fall apart, those memories become more important. As for her daughter, Skye, well she's just trying to navigate those hard teen years: boys, school, and becoming canine.

We lovingly refer to this books genre as Gilmore Girls with werewolves. Read it, then share it with your daughter. Sneak peek available here.
Home Fires Cover HOME FIRES
"Charming and captivating. Greiman leaves one hoping for another visit to the Lazy Windmill soon." RomanticTimes

Now Available! ebook or hard copy

Also available at Barnes & Noble

This sequel to Finding Home is the second book in Lois's Hope Springs series.
Casie Carmichael's accidental dude ranch is well on its way, but the residents of her Hope Springs haven are running wild. With an unwed mother-to-be, a turbulent teen romance, and a bronc-riding grandmother to contend with, the last thing Casie has time for is a romantic relationship. But convincing recently returned Colt Dickenson she's not interested in him--or the confusion he causes her--is easier said than done.

Yet as Casie's ragtag crew saddles up to help with everything from birthing babies to legal woes, she finally begins to see that family wears many faces--and being independent isn't the same as being alone.

A sneak peek of Home Fires is now available here. Or see what other readers are saying here.

Finding Home Cover FINDING HOME

Now available in hard copy, ebook, or audiobook

Also available at Barnes & Noble
View the trailer here.

1 broken down mare
2 baby lambs
3 lost teens
And a busted up bronc rider with more balls than brains. . .
They all add up to trouble in Casie Carmichael's book. She's come back to Hope Springs, South Dakota, with only one thing in mind--selling the family's tumble-down ranch and returning to Sioux Falls and her very practical fiancÚ. But leaving isn't as easy as she imagined, not when every bedraggled stray in the territory has a homing beam straight to her barn.

Suddenly, angry parents, hairless goats and a former flame's new heat aren't Casie's most pressing problems. Her own mixed-up heart is at the top of the list, and as she throws herself into making a safe haven for her motley crew, she realizes home is a lot closer than she thought.
Uncorked CoverUNCORKED

Now available in hard copy or ebook
View the trailer here

The romance between LA psychologist Christina McMullen and Lieutenant Jack Rivera is finally sizzling...until Chrissy catches the lieutenant in a compromising position. Still, when a vicious criminal from their past is released from prison, Rivera is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Chrissy safe--but does that include murder? Despite sound advice from her best friend, Brainy Laney Butterfield, Chrissy is determined to clear Rivera's name. But first she'll have to tango with a quintet of sexy suitors and her own current beau, Doctor...what was his name again? And when Chrissy is attacked, the stakes become more dangerous than ever, for she's about to pop the lid on the most lucrative criminal enterprise in LA--and to the surprise of this shrink, more than one deep, dark secret is about to become uncorked.

If you can't get enough Chrissy McMullen, check out the Chrissy link above.

Highland Hawk cover

Highland Hawk has a sexy new cover! Barnes & Noble, Amazon

Find Other Blasts from the Past

Many of Lois's hard-to-find books are being re-released as ebooks with new covers!

To see the titles on Amazon, click here. You can also see all of Lois's publications on our List of Titles link above.
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